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How to ask for cash as a Wedding gift?

Posted on 7 July, 2017 at 7:30 Comments comments (31)
How many times have you been to a wedding recently where the Bride and Groom have just asked for cash? It???s getting more popular over the past years as couples tend to live together before getting married and having built a home together have no need for a silver dinner service set or a toaster. Traditionally, wedding gifts bought by guests have replaced the ancient custom of bringing fruits (that symbolised encouragement of fertility). In the past 100 years, items to build a home together became preferred gifts, such as blankets, fine china along with the dreaded toaster. Even more recently these traditions have moved with the times with cash being the preferred wedding gift. But how to ask for money instead of a toaster, without causing offence? Statistics show that less than a quarter of recently-married couples asked for gifts from a wedding list, with almost half asking for financial contribution towards a honeymoon, saving up for a deposit on a house or charity donations. Happily, around two-thirds of guests who have attended a wedding in the past five years are comfortable giving money rather than buying something from a gift list. Let your guests know (perhaps by way of verse) that you have no use for pots and pans etc, but should they feel they want to bring a gift, a suggestion of money would benefit you. Ensure that guests know what they might be contributing towards, i.e. a honeymoon, a deposit for a house or even home improvements. Guests like to know that their contribution will benefit you in some way. The wording on the wedding invitation without sounding tacky is key, a cute or witty rhyme would be ok for a close friend or someone with whom you are close with, but would Great Aunt Doris feel the same way? The internet is filled with various verses to put on the wedding invitations, however, a personalised verse might make the request more personal. If you don???t feel that a rhyme/verse is the way to go then a brief paragraph would suffice, perhaps something along the lines of: ???Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, but if you do wish to make a gesture, a contribution towards our dream home would be much appreciated??? Or 'We would prefer your presence not your presents, but if you would like to give us a gift, then money towards our dream honeymoon would be welcomed' Make sure that your guests know how important they are to you and that your main priority is that they are there to help you celebrate your big day. On the day, provide a designated (and safe) place for guests to place their cards/gifts such as a letter/post box. Sending a thank you note to guests after the wedding, letting them know how much you appreciated them being there to celebrate with you, and for their gift.